Of the three short fjord arms furthest in the Nordfjord, the southernmost arm ends in the picturesque village of Olden. From here the road follows the shores of Olden Lake around 20 km up to Briksdal amidst a backdrop of mountains topped by glacial caps, and cascading waterfalls.


Olden Valley; a scenic gem

For more than a century Olden and Olden Valley has been host to thousands of visitors, drawn here by the spectacular scenery. Majestic glacier-topped mountains tower over the valley and glistening waters of the lake below. Hardly surprising this is regarded as one of Norway’s most beautiful destinations.   

Tourists in Briksdal since the 19th century

The first tourists began arriving at the close of the 19th century. They were English, often affluent aristocrats who had plenty of time on their hands. From their “floating hotels” anchored in Olden bay they ventured up the valley to see the spectacular glacier.

The northern playground

The British often call Norway “the northern playground”, and were fascinated by the magnificent mountains and glaciers. Briksdal Glacier, at the end of Olden Valley, was – as it is today – the big attraction for tourists.