Briksdal is a scenic wonderland that simply must be shared with others. At centre stage the magnificent Briksdal Glacier, surrounded by towering mountainsides, cascading waterfall and river, and luxuriant flora.

Jostedal Glacier National Park

Briksdal Glacier is an arm of the Jostedal Glacier, the largest glacier on the European continent – protected as a national park. The ice colossus is spread over 486 km² and at its deepest point measures 400 m. The highest point is 1950 m.a.s.


Powerful rushing glacier rivers

Gytrifossen, Nelkjifossen, Yrifossen, Kvamsfossen, Rustøyfossen, Høgalmefossen, Volefossen, Svadåna, Briksdalsfossen and Tjøtabreelva. Rushing rivers tumble in a passionate dance towards the open sea; it’s as if the water has no time to spare after hundreds of years confined as ice.      


On foot or by Troll car? 

At the foot of Briksdal Glacier is a small lake (346 m.a.s.). The glacier is easily reached from Briksdalsbre Mountain Lodge (Fjellstove) by following the 2.5 km road/trail along the river on foot or in a “Troll car”.